The DCU Center (Centrum), Worcester, MA

The DCU Center, previously known as the Centrum, is located in Worcester, MA.  The venue opened on September 2, 1982 with a concert by Frank Sinatra and has continued to hold concerts and sports events since that time.   A convention center was added to the Centrum in 1997 and in 2004, was renamed the DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) Center.  The Dead had a notable performing history in Worcester, performing early on in their career in ’69 and ’70 at Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute respectively and then at the Centrum ’83 through ’88, before settling into the Boston Garden in the ‘90s.  The first picture is that of the front DCU (a rainy New England day that day!) and the second picture is that of the back of the building.  I saw the remaining Dead here for a two night run in ’09 and found it to be a nice venue with a great vibe.  Much of that vibe comes from Worcester itself, a city of incredible history, both Dead and otherwise.  As you’re truckin’ down the Mass Pike to that next gig, take a worthy detour and visit this and other Grateful Dead Worcester landmarks!


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