Boston Madison Square Garden, Boston, MA

The Boston Madison Square Garden was a sports and concert venue in downtown Boston, MA. Later called just the Boston Garden, it opened its doors to the public on November 17, 1928. The building was designed by George Lewis “Tex” Rickard, a famous boxing promoter in his day.  Rickard also built the third incarnation of Madison Square Garden that stood in New York City from 1925-1968, until it was replaced by the current Madison Square Garden in February of 1968.  Although the Boston Garden was designed to be a sister venue to the third incarnation of Madison Square Garden, the old Boston venue mirrored the structure of the current MSG/NYC in that it sat atop a train station, in this case the North Station.  The venue hosted numerous concerts during its existence, but it was more famously known and loved (well, but the locals anyway) as a sports arena.  The Boston Celtics and their parquet floor are legends among sports fans, as well as many a sweaty hockey game (no A/C in the building) played by the Bruins.  The Grateful Dead set their own record at the Garden by playing there more times than any other band.  They played the Garden 24 times, nothing near the 50+ performances at MSG, but pretty impressive none the less.  They mostly racked up this number by playing 6 night runs in the 90s, their last run there in October of ’94.  A final 6 night run was scheduled in September of ’95, but never happened because of Jerry Garcia’s death in August of that year.  The Fleet Center, the Garden’s replacement, opened in October of that same year.  It is now known as TD Garden, the name perhaps being a small tribute to the building that once was there.  The Boston Garden was demolished in November of 1997 and the space is now a parking lot adjacent to the TD Garden.   The first picture shows the parking lot (no Shakedown) and the TD Garden.  The second picture is a closer view of the site.  The Boston Garden was a legendary venue in both sports, music, and in Grateful Dead touring history.


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